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Thank you for your consideration of utilizing Project Guardian in effort to make your school safer and more secure for your students and staff. We are dedicated to protecting children and to help stop active shooter events in schools.

Project Guardian is a 501c3 non-profit organization intended to provide security consulting services at little to no cost. We coordinate school security assessments to provide security audits and analysis by utilizing best practices provided by organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security and standards from the National Fire Protection Association. This assessment process is designed to help develop your school’s safety and security planning process by taking stock of what security measures and associated supports are in place across your campus, and where you can make improvements to improve the safety and security of your school or campus.

This process focuses on protection - keeping people and property safe from threats and emergencies, and mitigation - reducing the damage or harm from safety-related incidents.

The topics covered in this assessment cover the components that make up your school’s physical security system: equipment and technology; site and building design features; school security personnel; policies and procedures related to school security; and training, exercises, and drills; aimed to provide you with a tailored set of results that reflect your school’s unique security needs. We will coordinate with a consultant who will schedule the assessment with you, and they will perform a site assessment as well as complete a questionnaire with school leadership in order to gather the relevant information in order to develop appropriate recommendations.

Thank you again for considering Project Guardian’s services.

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